Thursday, July 20, 2017

Baby Duck is gone.

Saw this report of a plane crash. Happened this past Sunday in Kansas.

2 dead after plane crash in Atchison County

Only two people were on board the plane when it crashed. The pilot, 64-year-old Vlado Lenoch of Buff Ridge, Illinois, and the only passenger, 34-year-old Bethany Root of Atchison, Kansas, were both killed in the crash. Root is the general manager of the Amelia Earhart Airport.

An Atchison County Sheriff's Department official said it appears the crash happened at a high rate of speed. The impact left a large debris field in its wake.

The official said he thought it was intended to be a short, local flight and the plane crashed with 10 to 15 minutes of take off.

Officials believe the plane is a P-51 Mustang. It flew in the air show for the Amelia Earhart Festival Saturday evening.

A National Transportation Safety Board official said a witness described the plane flying 25 to 30 feet above power lines shortly before the crash. The official isn't sure if the plane clipped the lines but the witness said the plane suddenly pitched up and rolled to the left before hitting the ground in a deep descent.

Not much left.

But a P-51? Damn. It was Baby Duck.

USA: Two killed in P-51 Mustang crash

I saw Baby Duck in August, 2012, at Thunder Over Michigan.
This was the year I took my father. It was one of the last things we did together before he passed.

That's him with the camera. It was a great day.

I saw Baby Duck again the next year, same place, this time there with Aaron of the Shekel.

Now it's gone. Gone for good, along with it's pilot and a passenger, neither of whom likely realized that they were taking their last flight that morning. Sadness.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My porch...

Here I am, trying to bring groceries in, and my porch is like a zoo.

Only thing missing is the other two porch cats.

Yep, I got porch cats. And the dogs are not amused, have not been amused, and likely will never be amused.

New Orleans is weird on a lot of levels. But it works.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dog day Saturday

Saturday morning, out for breakfast with the Belle's Diner, naturally. (Their corned beef and hash browns is out of this World War Two aviation motif inside, and dog friendly).
They even brought out a water bowl for the hounds so they could watch passers-by in comfort.

Then it was time for a walk down by the river...unless you're Murphy, then it's INTO the river.
Belle, as usual, just wades.

Murphy was having a ball, swimming without a care in the world, and several tourists had stopped to watch him fetch a tin can, until...
Two drunk, stinky gutterpunks came down and jumped into the river. Seeing them, two Harbor Police officers rode up on their bikes and ordered the gutterpunks out of the water. And of course one had to whine about it. "How come the dog can swim and we can't?" And you can guess what happened next: Murphy was also ordered out of the river. Dog just can't have a good time.

Of course once the gutters were gone, I talked to the officers and worked things out. Murphy will still be able to swim there, but we need to be a bit more discrete about it, especially if there are gutterscum around.

Heading into Jackson Square, we heard music.
It was a brass band on the balcony of Tableau, corner of Chartres and St. Peter streets.

Time to relax at one of the dog-friendly bars here.
They had cookies and I had beer. And life was good.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Nothing like coming home from a long day at work to see that the no-job-having, Section 8-getting neighbors have put their EBT cards to use and bought themselves a 50" flat screen TV.

One is on the lease with her kids courtesy of a rent voucher that pays more than market-price rent (so the landlord has no incentive to rent to working people who might actually not just hang out and blast rap music all day and all night), and three more adults and some more kids just moved in with her and stay for free. And none of them ever seem to leave for any sort of job. Bet I can guess which party they vote for every election.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Junk shop find and other cool loot.

Went to investigate a report of a discarded but complete generator out by a curb with some trash. While over there, I found a store full of old junk nearby. The store has a book shelf in the back.

Nabbed this for three dollars.

Sometimes life is good.

Oh--and I got the generator too; a 4,000w gasoline-powered job. Neglected but appears fixable and too damned useful to abandon to the trash man with hurricane season arriving. I should have it running within a few days of the already-ordered repair parts arriving. It'll be my back-up generator, seconding a 6,000w unit that will power a single-room air conditioner, a lamp or two, the microwave, refrigerator and security cameras should the power go out for any length of time. With the water heater gas-powered and my rotating stockpile of food and water I think the dogs and I can do ok for a while.

And now we'll have a book to read as well.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dog day out.

"We're going for a ride!"

"We're going for a ride!"
"We're going for a ride!"
"We're going for a ride!"

"You bastard...this is the vet."

Every dog has his (or her) day. This one wasn't theirs.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Running with the Bulls, New Orleans style

Otherwise titled: "Why I can't sit down right now."

So here in New Orleans. everything gets celebrated, even Spain's Festival of San Fermin. A couple thousand people came out this morning to run the streets of New Orleans, just like they're doing in Spain right now.
Yep, even Elvis.

Of course we can't have real bulls here. Half these people are drunk by'd be a slaughter. But they had to have something, so they brought in "bulls" in the form of roller derby girls from all across the south. Roller derby girls with bats.
It got real, right from the beginning. The runners ran, and the skating bulls batted.

Over a course of about a mile, we ran/walked and tried to dodge these fast-moving, agile angry women.

Aw damn...this one sees me.

There were so many bulls and they moved so fast. You try to keep an eye one one or two and another zips up from behind and WHACK! Few were spared, least of all those of us cheeky enough to paste target stickers on our backsides....or those of us who threw taunts as the skaters skated by, not realizing that they'd all be waiting for us at the end of the run.

This one had my number too.
And they wasn't the only ones. I might have jeered at a few too many, probably like this guy.
But finally we reached the end. And there was a band.

And a few dozen more bat-wielding Amazons who were out for blood as they worked to get everyone trying to cross the finish line. I was too busy dodging to get more pics.

But it was fun, and the money collected went for charity so that's some consolation for how I'm feeling now.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Walking the dogs

Whoever said that it's a dog's life? I want that life!
With Anastasia.

Shield v. 642

The other day, when I first posted about my new Smith and Wesson Shield .45, Bob asked my what happened to my Smith and Wesson Model 642. My reply was that I still have the 642 (because I love that little .38 Special snubbie) but I wanted something else too. The 642 is fantastic, especially with it's Crimson Trace laser and Apex spring kit installed, but it still only holds five shots and bad guys come in packs around here. A little extra ammunition sounded like a good thing, and the Shield, with it's flush-fit mag inserted, holds six in the mag plus one in the chamber, giving me two more rounds. The Shield also has better sights and is arguably capable of consistent hits at greater distances, and in a gunfight, distance is your friend, right?

But how do they stack up size-wise? See for yourself.
The Shield is a bit heavier but just a touch slimmer than the 642, although not enough to matter either way.
Profile-wise, there's really not much difference either. But 7 rounds of .45 vs 5 rounds of .38. And seven more in the spare "extended" mag in my pocket compared to just five more in the spare revolver speedloader.

Either way, I think I'm suitably covered in the sub-compact firearms department.

And of course come cooler weather, I'm back to heavier clothing and full-size or compact pistols.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Shield report.

So I took the new .45 Shield out to the range today.

Here's the 10 yard target after the first magazine.
Yeah, kinda doofed one at eleven o'clock there but I still broke the ring, so 60-4x for a first try. I LIKE IT!

The next magazine all went right into the 10-ring as well, as did the third. There were no malfunctions with a hundred rounds fired.

Recoil is amazingly mild for such a small .45 and the aggressive texture of the grips makes it easy to keep a good hold on it. Sights are great for fixed white dot and the trigger is ok but I already have an Apex kit here for it that I bought in Atlanta, anticipating this pistol's purchase.

Here it is with a Sig P-220 for size comparison.
And the Sig only holds one more round. The Shield with a seven-round mag carries the same load as a 1911 in a much smaller package, as you can see here:

And here's my friend shooting it so you can appreciate how it fits her hands.
She liked it too.

She also liked another firearm that I brought to the range.

We also shot my Ruger LCP in .380. That gun is much smaller that the Shield but also has a much sharper recoil "bite" and it holds one less round. S&W hit this one out of the park.

Thursday, June 29, 2017


For the last couple of months, I've been carrying my Walther PPK as a pocket carry gun when I went out and about. I like the Walther and it's served me well, but the other day, I took it out at the range to demonstrate it to a friend of mine and suddenly it was stoppage after stoppage.

That won't do for a carry gun, especially in this city. So a replacement was ordered and it arrived today.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought a factory new gun still in the box. But with the rebate S&W is offering until the end of the month, I couldn't not. They were practically giving them away.

It's so pretty in all it's wrappings.

But it looks even better unwrapped.

Tomorrow it gets taken to the range for a test run.

Mopes and creepers beware. I've just upgraded my fangs.