Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mardi Gras madness

It's over.

Final Mardi Gras score:
Parades attended: 18
Parades participated in: 5
Got Muses shoe: Yes
Got Nyx purse: Yes
Got Sirens Bottle: Yes
Got Zulu coconut: No. :-(
Got other unique/hand-made throws: Yes
Quantity of beads and other throws: >50lbs (I was more selective this year and gave more away)
Injuries: minor only
Rained on: 4 days
Hangovers: None
Fights: None (shouting at fools doesn't count)

So many parades, each with different themes.

I missed Hermes parade because my boss wouldn't let me skip the night unless I skipped getting paid. She's such a slave driver, that one.

Krewe d'etat is political, and pretty conservative. This one rips on Mayor Mitch Landrieu just for being a slug.

This one tore at the pansy football players and their kneeling...and the execs who let them do it.
This one, "Medusa" was all about Kathy Griffith.

The Antifa were not spared, either.

Then it was the Morpheus parade.

Next night out, I hit Endymion in Mid-City.
I was usually much closer, but couldn't get pics from where I was due to the crowds and light.

Here's one float from the Orpheus parade.

Three trailers long. Double-decker, with riders on both levels, both sides. 36 floats like this in a typical parade, with a marching band and/or walking or dance group in between each one. This parade will take hours to travel 4-5 miles, and there will be 2-3 or these a night, just on that route. Local communities around the areas each have their own in addition to these.

Then the clean-up comes. It's so organized that once these crews start, twenty minutes later you won't even know a parade has been here.
Yesterday morning, pretty much everyone turned out in costume, drink in hand, to revel. This was over in the Bywater neighborhood.

The French Quarter was worse. SO much to see and do--no matter what you go see, you have to miss 2-3 other things. But for you, I kept on for as long as I could, starting at 0600 and getting home at 2230-ish.


Fortunately it's just a month to St. Patrick's day...and more parades!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mardi Gras in Afgahnistan

So thanks to several of you, these jokers are running around a firebase throwing beads at or on just about anything and anyone!

They got there in time, and by now are all over the place. Thanks, folks. Hopefully I get more pics later. I mean, we sent 8 boxes.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Babylon, Chaos and Muses!

Wednesday night I marched with one parade--four and a half miles in the rain--then watched another one go by before walking home with all my newly-acquired parade swag.

Last night I watched three parades, and I'm taking tonight off because I have to work my part-time gig as doorman at a burlesque show. (It's a dirty job, but it pays money and I drink for free. I just wish they didn't force me to watch the show too. Feel bad for me, everyone!)

Saturday and Sunday will be parades all day. Monday night, more parades, and Tuesday is just going to be anarchy and chaos, only with music, alcohol, booze and lots of twirling tassels.

But here's a few shots from last night.

Started out with the Knights of Babylon.

Note that riders on every float are constantly throwing shiny stuff into the crowds--beads, doubloons, and sometimes special hand-made throws which are highly sought after and quite collectible.
My date for the night, Samantha. Fortuitously, she lives right off the parade route.

Knights of Chaos followed. This is a smaller Krewe but fun.

They had this float to mock Mayor "Half Moon" Morial for taking down our Confederate memorial statues. Contrary to what the papers say, most of the real citizens here did not approve, which was why the mayor and council refused to put it to a vote of the people via a ballot. So people are speaking out like this. The Druids parade Wednesday night had one too, but it was raining too hard to get a good picture of it.

The Ladies Godiva rode too. Picture a dozen nekkid chicks on horses. You're welcome.

After this parade, the super-krewe of Muses rolled. But that one was just too chaotic for pictures, and I needed to concentrate on catching swag.

Finally got home a bit after midnight. Breakfast this morning was moon pies thrown from some of the floats last night, and black coffee, of course. Great times!

Here's better pics:

Babylon, Chaos and Muses, 2018

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Funny police shooting

Well that should get me some search engine traffic...

Anyway, I took my NOPD friend to the range as she had a desire to try the Kel-Tec KSG and they had one to rent. Mind you, her agency doesn't issue patrol shotguns so this was her first time shooting a shotgun of any kind. But the internet said that she had to have one of these, so here we were...

First try with her box of powder-puff low-brass #7 loads:

Shame on me. Can't blame Kel-Tec. She short-stroked it and caused a nasty jam that took me a while to un-bugger.

And then after we fixed that, I loaded a couple of Remington 2&3/4 slugs into the mag tube and told her that they might feel a little different.

Cute gun. Light and and short and holds a lot of rounds but you can't do an emergency reload and toss shells in through the open ejection port like you can with Remington/Mossberg/Winchester, etc. With it's Mag-Pul furniture, you can definitely hang a lot of junk accessories on it, so that will appeal to some folks, but I'm not sold on it as a fighting shotgun yet.

And lest ye ask, she has the bruise this morning. I've seen it and apparently poking it and asking if it hurts is not appreciated.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Krewe of Cork

This walking Krewe marched in the French Quarter on Friday. So I took off early and the dogs and I went down.

This krewe is focused on wine and champagne.

If my mom paraded, this would be her.

"They gonna throw us something or wut?"