Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Out and about with my guest.

Yesterday, it was the World War Two museum.

Charles Lindbergh did his best to keep us out of the war against Germany. But once we were in, he at least worked tirelessly to help us beat the Japanese.
And Joe Louis joined up when he didn't even have to. And he's buried in Arlington National Cemetery today.
And there were planes.
And guns.
And lots of other great stuff. We where in there for over five hours.

Then off to a bar with the best happy hour oyster deal I know--.50 oysters with drink purchases. Aaron had never had oysters before but he gamely tried one...and then proceeded to clean the place out as he declared them to be the best food ever.

Then it was an eternity in various T-shirt shops while Captain Indecisive agonized over which souvenir T-
shirts to buy his daughters.

It kind of went like this all week:

Aaron on Friday as I pick him up at the airport: "I have to get some souvenirs for my wife and kids..." (buys nothing all day.)

Aaron on Saturday: "I have to get some souvenirs for my wife and kids..." (buys nothing at any of the museums of shops we're in or near.)

Aaron on Sunday: "I have to get some souvenirs for my wife and kids..." (buys nothing all day.)

Aaron on Monday several times: "I have to get some souvenirs for my wife and kids..." (buys nothing at any of the museums or shops.)

Aaron Monday night: "Take me to a T-shirt shop! I need souvenirs!" (Then spends an eternity looking over the crappiest crap while disregarding my heartfelt efforts to assist him select quality stuff for his wife and daughters.

--Jar of stripper glitter? Nope.
--Shirt with a picture of a unicorn giving the middle finger? Nope.
--Bettie Page wrist bracelet? Nope.

Some people are just impossible to shop with.

Finally he gets some stuff and then it's off for one last night out. "But it's OK," he assured his wife during one of his required hourly check-in calls...we're just going to play bingo. And we did.

With strippers.
And he won.

Monday, December 04, 2017


So last night,Aaron and I and my friend Beth went out to Celebration in the Oaks, a holiday light display set up every year in City Park. Part of the huge display was a fairly large model train set-up, which I tried to film several times, a task made difficult by Aaron and Beth constantly laughing and chattering right behind me.

But here's a clip of one of the trains...and Beth.

And yes, there was a little more than just coffee in that cup.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

He's here

Aaron of The Shekel is here in New Orleans.

I'm trying to be the responsible host and show him a good time so I took him around to a few of my local haunts. Embarrassingly, the guy couldn't even hit the stage with a dollar bill all night.
Worst. Money-thrower. Ever.

I guess we'll have to go back tonight so he can get more practice.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

This should be interesting and blogworthy

Aaron of The Shekel is coming here tomorrow, so I expect to have plenty to post about.

And on Saturday, Displaced Louisiana Guy is joining us.

The Country Mice are coming to the city. Fortunately they'll have me here to keep them out of trouble.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Good friends, good read

So I recently finished my copy of Calexit, the Anthology, by J.L. Curtis, aka Old NFO, and several other great contributing authors, to include Bob Poole, Cedar Sanderson, Tom Rogneby, Alma Boykin, B Opperman, L B Johnson, Eaton Rapids Joe, Lawdog, and Kimball O'Hara.
I know most of these other writers as well, and if you rerad this blog's sidbar, so do you. All are great people and great patriots, and their assembled stories of life after California, currently America's most useless and least patriotic state, are all worthy of a read and consideration.

In fact it took me a while to read this because I wanted to savor each shot story, so I read no more than one a day. And I was sorry to turn that last page.

If you love America and hate the way that the Left is trying to ruin it, get a copy of this book and see what could happen if the Left gets their way and transforms California into their idea of utopia. (Think "Lord of the Flies" only with the force of government behind it.)

I loved this book and I hope there is another one coming. Meantime, go get you a copy here

Friday, November 24, 2017

Mom visit AAR

So I think my mom had some fun while she was here.

I took er on a guided tour of St. Louis Cemetery, the oldest in the city, to see the above-ground tombs used here.

As a bonus, the tour was conducted by a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a die-hard feminist and social justice warrior.

Then I took mom to the Gumbo Festival for food and music from local brass bands.

Out for breakfast, drinking mimosas.

To part of a drag show, one that turned out to be just a little too risque.

We did a few museums and galleries around the city.
And we visited a private collection of Mard Gras Indian memorabilia.
We also went to a few shows at night, and mom took to a burlesque show hosted by another friend of mine surprisingly enthusiastically.
And she actually won the grand prize!

And of course there was much quality time with her "grand-puppies" as she calls them.
We packed a lot into four days but now she's home and life is returning to normal...whatever that is.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I was gonna post...

I was gonna post about my mom and the dogs this morning after my run and before work, but you know how it goes with plans...

There I was, minding my own business, not bothering anyone, and running along all nice and peaceful, in my groove and feeling fine. Get to a particular intersection and see a car stopped at the stop sign for cross traffic. I do not have a stop sign so I continue on. And just as I enter the intersection, the car's driver, not paying attention, hits the gas and proceeds forward. WHAM! Not a bad hit, but enough to send me sprawling onto the street.

Ten years ago, I'd have gotten up, shook it off, and finished my run. But I'm less indestructable these days, and since I'm running in accordance with my job's fitness plan and technically on the clock, I wait for the ambulance and head off to the hospital to get checked out.

And typical of New Orleans, before the ambulance gets there, a panhandler shows up to ask everyone for money--the witnesses, the at-fault driver, and even me.

But I'm all checked out and home. A few cuts and bruises but still operational. Heck, it was just a Nissan, and as many of us know, I've been hit harder by bigger, faster stuff.

And to make it worse, I got home to find out that the dogs ate all my hard candy from my office! It's almost like they had a premonition that I wasn't coming back or something...or maybe it's just because I was going to feed them after the run like normal and I didn't get back to do it. Still, it was my candy. Damned thieves.

But on the plus side, I got the day off from work, so there's that.

Hope you're all having a better day.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

She's heeeere!

Sorry for the lack of posts. My dear mother has come to visit me so I'm taking some time to show her the sights and introduce her to some of my friends and acquaintances.

Meanwhile, the rest of New Orleans just elected a new mayor, a woman who, while on the city council, was notable for her personal misuse of a government credit card, and IRS lien on her house for failing to pay her taxes for several years. Her excuse: "But I took care of all of those things when I filed to run for mayor, so it's in the past now and we're not going to talk about it." And we're not supposed to talk about how her husband lost his job as a prosecutor on the city's drug court when he dropped his own marijuana on the floor in front of a police officer at the courthouse. But she was a staunch advocate of tearing down "racist" statues to our Civil War dead, so she is gold to a certain chunck of the constituency, notably the masses of young liberal transplants who have been infesting this city since the attention that this city got post Katrina made it a "hip" place to be.

This is why New Orleans is a cesspool of poverty and corruption, and not coincidentally, a bright blue (solid Democrat) island in the middle of an otherwise economically stable red state. The voters do stupid stuff like this every chance they get and then sit around carping the the state and Washington DC aren't sending enough money to help them out. And they just gave the keys and checkbooks to a woman who has already proven that she cannot be trusted with a simple credit card and turned responsibility for policing the city's employees over to someone who refused to pay her own taxes while ignoring the fact that her husband used the same drugs that he was paid to prosecute other city residents for having.

So should I start behaving like the liberals across America are doing in regards to President Trump and rampaging around destroying stuff while pretending that she's not really the mayor?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Horsing around

And these are some of the wild horses that I saw while driving or hiking around in Nevada. Some were way out in the desert, others right in town. Wild horses. They go where they want.

Alas, even a horse's days in the sun are limited. Via con Dios, horse.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Still more Fallon--the Bad Guy edition

This post contains more aircraft from Fallon NAS. And special thanks to Russia and the Eastern Bloc for donating so many of these wonderful aircraft for our pilots' training programs.

Here we have the MiG 15, a very capable early Russian jet using an engine taken right from Rolls Royce of Britain when the Labour Government there agreed to an seemingly inane request from Russian agents for a license to build them and technical help setting up their plant. Thanks, Brits!

Then the Russians refied it into the even more capable MiG 17, shown here.

Then there was this really impressive MiG-21, which was so fast and agile that combat with it was referred to as "being like a knife fight in a phone booth," especially if you happened to be flying an F-4 Phantom that day.

Next up is a MiG 23. Supposedly very fast, but not much for avionics or turns.

And here's a MiG 29.

It was really nice of the Communists to let us have al of these--and many more like them--back in the day so that we could study them and teach our pilots how to fight them. Alas, for as much work as it was to get some of these once, now there are plenty of them for sale on the open market, including the civil registry. Yes, you too can buy a Mig 17 or Mig 21 for less than you'd pay for most American collectible warbirds...and you could probably have some fun with it too, at least until it's engine needed replacing, and unlike American fighters, the engines in these aircraft were made to be pretty much disposable--you're not just overhauling it even if you could get parts, which you probably can't. Still, A Mig 21 could be a blast to fly for as long as it stays airworthy!